About OKR Bridge

This is an online resource for learning more about OKRs.

When OKRs are implemented it happens on several organisational levels and different participants have different roles in the framework. This online resource offers all you need to know to be an active participant in an OKRs rollout in your organisation – short of if you are running the implementation (then you need to learn a bit more 🙂 )

If you are interested in OKRs and maybe even looking to be in charge of an implementation on your own, I recommend my Swedish book on the topic – MĂ„lstyrning med OKR available at AdLibris and Bokus. If you do not speak/read Swedish, there is a lot of online content to check out to learn more about OKRs.

My name is Niklas Olsson and I’m the creator of OKR Bridge through the OKR consultancy Bantero. I have many years of experience in implementing OKRs in my own teams and companies as well as extensive experience of helping other organisations implement the framework in my role as a consultant.

Do you have an interesting example of an OKRs implementation, more questions on this framework or are you looking for someone to discuss your particular challenges in implementing the framework? You may reach me at niklas@bantero.com.

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