Happy to see that you are interested in OKRs! This guide hopes to elevate your knowledge in OKRs, no matter if this is your first contact with the framework or if you are an experienced implementer.

Being a curious leader I long searched for a framework to achieve set goals while simultaneously enabling innovation and creativity. When I found OKRs a couple of years ago, it all made immediate sense. Looking back, I can attest to my leadership skills having taken a great step forward as part of working with OKRs – while also achieving more with my teams.

With some years of experience in implementing (and leading by) the OKR principles, I started to teach other organisations how to get the most out of OKRs. My passion is not only in the results that can come from great OKR implementations, I believe in the power brought by enablement to have team members reach their full potential.

It is in this spirit I have produced this guide – to spread the word and have more leaders see the benefits of unleashing the power of their teams.

The guide is split in three parts where we start off with a deeper look at the basics of OKRs. In part two we look at how an implementation of this framework is carried out in an organisation and part three will go into some key details to get everything to work together.

I hope you find use as well as inspiration in this guide.

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